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Wild Turbo Fan 34mm Windy Trumpet HV High Speed Cooling Fan

Product Description

The WTF 34mm Windy Trumpet HV High Speed Cooling Fan was developed to provide a balance of power, weight and toughness. Pushing 23,000 RPMs at 8.4V, this fan is ideal for operating in extreme electrical current and temperature conditions.


  • The only fan purpose built for RC models
  • Industry first special trumpet intake mouth to smooth & accelerate air for intake
  • Dual ball bearing construction
  • Very strong construction compared to all 30mm x 10 mm fan on the market
  • Same mounting point as conventional 30mm fan
  • Cooler coil temperatures as the routed air though the extended opening cools coil before entering the blade
  • Extra cooling space of the electronics at the bottom of the case

Size: 34mm width x 16mm height
Thrust: Massive 7g+ @ 8.4V
Weight: 12.5g
Operating Voltage: 6V-8.4V
RPM @ 8.4V: 23000
Current @ 8.4V: ~0.48A

Vendor : WTF

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