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True Big Bore Short (TBBS) Touring Shocks Set

Product Description

These are the new True Big Bore 'Short'(TBBS) shocks for the WildFireD08 and the shocks need to use in conjunction with WildFireD08 Graphite LCG Front/Rear Shock Tower for TBBS (Part# A-01-G-30982A-01-G-30983). This setup provides lower centre of gravity and will give you a more stable handling in high traction tracks.

Package contains: -

B02G30955 TBBS Shock Body 4
B-02-VBC-0121 TBB Shock Height Adjuster 4
B02G30956 TBBS Bottom Cap 4
A-03-VBC-0138 TBB Shock Piston (4 holes) 4
A-03-VBC-0124 TBB Shock Bottom Connector 4
B-02-VBC-0125 TBB Shaft Cap 4
C02G30957 TBBS Shock Shaft 4
B-03-VBC-0128 TBB Sealer O-Ring (Shock Height Adjuster) 4
B-03-VBC-0012 TBB Shaft Sealer O-Ring 4
B-03-VBC-0129 M2 E-Clip 10
A-03-VBC-0130 TBB Shock Top Connector 4
A-03-VBC-0131 TBB Spring Bottom Support 4
B-03-VBC-0140 TBB Short Oil Sealer Cap (Medium Soft) 4
B-02-VBC-0133 TBB Shock Body Cap 4
N01G30991 SMJ Silver Line Spring TS2.8 (Short/Blue) 2
N01G30992 SMJ Silver Line Spring TS3.0 (Short/Silver) 2
Vendor : VBC racing

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