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Traxxas Steel Mod 1.0 Pinion Gear w/5mm Bore

Product Description

These Traxxas Steel Mod 1.0 Pinion Gears feature a 5mm Bore for the motor shaft and a 20° pressure angle on the tooth cut. The pinion gears are available in multiple tooth count options to fine tune the power delivery of your X-Maxx or XO-1. Package includes one pinion gear and one set screw.

X-Maxx Pinion Gears: 

  • TRX6484: 11 Tooth
  • TRX6485: 12 Tooth
  • TRX6486: 13 Tooth
  • TRX6488: 14 Tooth
  • TRX6487: 15 Tooth
  • TRX6489: 16 Tooth
  • TRX6490: 17 Tooth
  • TRX6491: 18 Tooth
Vendor : Traxxas

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