TKR6550P – Composite Differential Gear Set (internal gears only, EB410) - RACERC

TKR6550P – Composite Differential Gear Set (internal gears only, EB410)

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Product Information

Product Description

After thorough testing, we are proud to release the new EB410 Composite Differential Gear Set. This differential gear set reduces rotating mass as well as the overall weight of the EB410 by 8.5 grams per set. That’s over 25 grams of rotating mass reduction overall! Dollar for dollar, this is the single best upgrade to save weight and improve the acceleration of your EB410. Each package will upgrade a single diff, and three packages will completely outfit the EB410. This is a direct replacement for the original steel differential gear set (TKR6550) and does not require any additional parts.

These gears are intended to be used as a performance upgrade for the highly competitive 13.5 4wd class and may not be as durable as the stock counterpart. If you are learning to drive 1/10 4×4 buggy, using a modified motor, or need to have the most durable vehicle, please use the stock gears (TKR6550).

Special Note

It is recommended to reuse the blue diff gasket when installing and running the composite gears.  This will provide a slightly tighter internal mesh and improve the durability of the gears.  Make sure your ring or spur gears are aligned and tightened down properly before use.  Finally, never use pliers to remove the gears from the differential case during a rebuild.  Use a dental pick or spring hook tool to gently lift the gears (from the bottom) out of the differential case to avoid marring the gear teeth.  Following these guidelines will ensure your gears will perform as intended.


  • Reduced rotating mass.
  • Improved acceleration.
  • 25 grams of total weight savings (using three sets of gears).


  • 2ea composite bevel and 4ea composite spider gears.

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