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Terminator MonsterTruck Brushed 4WD 1:10, RTR /22318

Product Description
Terminator, the ultimate development of the proven and popular TORCHE!
Opposite the TORCHE durability was increased again, in which we replaced the chassis chassis with a high-quality aluminium!
The terminator has a fully adjustable chassis, which are oil-filled shock absorbers with a suspension made of aluminum, and thanks to the supplied clips front & rear adjustable.
Thanks to the 4WD 4WD in the teamwork with the huge monster truck wheels, fights the terminator through almost any terrain and thanks to the waterproof electronics, also no puddle can stop him.

High-quality aluminum chassis
Aluminum top deck
8 x oil pressure shock absorber with aluminum suspension
Brushed motor 540 23T
Hobbywing 40A ESC waterproof
Steel-differentials front & rear
With 2-channel 2.4 GHz remote control

Dimensions (Lxwxh): 430x300x210mm
Weight: 2.0 kg (without battery)
Wheelbase: 275 mm
Wheel diameter: 125 mm
Wheel width: 68 mm
Gear ratio: 10.3: 1
Battery: 7.2 V 2000mAh NiMh stick - pack

Technical data controller:
Continuous load: 40A
Short time load: 180A forward / 90A backwards
Functions: Forward/reverse/brake
BEC output: 5V / 2A
Operating voltage: 7.2 V - 7.4 V
Motor limit: 12 T 540 or 550 @ 2s LiPo
Battery connection: Tamiya
Dimensions: approx. 46.5 x34x 28.5 mm
Weight: 65g
Waterproof: yes

Specifications Engine:
Windings: 23
Current: 15A
Voltage: 7.2 V - 7.4 V
Size: 540
Shaft: 9.6 mm / Ø 3.17 mm
Dimensions: Length: 54mm / Ø 3 6.0 mm

Technical data servo SP6001:
Torque: 6.0 kg @ 6V
Time: 0.18 sec / @ 6V
Transmission: Plastic
Sprocket: 25 teeth
Connector system: JR
Dimensions: 40,1 x 20.4 x38mm
Voltage: 4.8 V - 6.6 V

Technical data transmitter GT-2:
Channels: 2
Reverse function: Yes
Trim throttle/brake: Yes
Trim Steering: Yes
Dual rate Steering: Yes
Dual rate gas / brake: no
Required batteries: 8 x AA Mignon
Receiver: 3 channel (waterproof)

RC monster truck terminator
2.4 GHz pistol remote control
NiMh battery pack
Damper clips
Detailed instructions with pictures
Vendor : AMEWI