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SRT Multi-Function LCD Program Box SP-MX082

Product Description

Model No.:SP-MX082

● Operating Voltage:5-8.4V DC

● Idle Current:<20mA

● Operating Temperature:0-40°C

● Storage Temperature:-10-60°C

● Storage Humidity:20-75%RH

● Weight:40g

● Dimensions:87.0x47.0x12.0mm

Product Functions:

1. Servo parameters setting

2. Connect the computer to set the servo

3. Servo testing

● Program box SP-MX082 has built-in high-performance 32-bit microprocessing, small size, simple and convenient operation.

● Connect the servo through the program box for parameter setting, so that the servo can adapt to different track conditions.

● Program box can store 20 sets different servo parameters.

● The program box has the function of central point adjustment, which makes the left and right angles of the chassis more consistent.

● Servo Testing: servo board band and narrow band PWM testing function.

● DEFAULT: one-key restore factory parameter function.

● Apply to a variety of SRT servos with programming marks, such as:

BH815S, BH922S, BH927S, CH712S, D1S, T65, T75

Vendor : SRT

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