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Sanwa RX-472 (FHSS-4T SSR/SSL) Receiver 2,4Ghz

Product Description

4-channel 2,4 GHz FHSS-4 telemetry receiver by SANWA.


  • 2,4 GHz FHSS-4/FHSS-3 Spread spectrum system 4ch
  • Sanwa Synchronized Link (SSL) function support
  • Sanwa Super Response (SSR) support
  • Lightest receiver in class

Compatibility: M12, EXZES Z, MT-4 (SSL not support)

SSL Function (Sanwa Synchronaized Link) System

From using both of "RX-472" and "Super Vortex Zero", Drivers operate "Code AUX Function" which is included on M12 & EXZES-Z and can adujust setting of equipment directly and quickly from Radios. In case of using SSL System, Drivers don't need to use Setting Card or PC. And also, Telemetry data can be sent to Radios without using any Sensors.

In case of using MT-4 with both of "RX-472" and "Super Vortex Zero", SSL Function is not responded, but Telemetry data can be sent to Radios without using any Sensors.


Dimensions on product specification only shows the size of receiver itself and it excludes length of the antenna and crystal projection. To maintain the reception of device, please do not cut the antenna.

Manufacturer stock No. 107A41114A

Technical data
Length: 23,3 mm
Weight: 6,6 g
Width: 30,0 mm
Height: 14,0 mm
Voltage Range: 4,8 - 7,4V
Modulation: 2,4 GHz FHSS-4/FHSS-3
Control function: 4
Vendor : SANWA

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