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Mugen Seiki Front/Rear Shock Spring (2) (White - 4.75T)

Product Description

This is a pack of two optional Mugen Shock Springs, intended for use with the MGT7 and MGT7E sedans, on the front or rear shocks. These springs are marked White on one end for easy identification and are 40mm long with 2.2mm thick wire.

Both the MGT7 and MGT7E come standard with the Silver 5.25 turn rated springs in the front and rear, which makes these 5.5T springs heavier. 

Available Springs:

  • Softer
  • MUGE2544: Black - 5.5T
  • MUGE2545: Silver - 5.25T (standard)
  • MUGE2546: Blue - 5.0T
  • MUGE2547: White - 4.75T
  • Harder
Effects of Shock Spring Changes
 Shock Spring  Characteristic
  • Increased Chassis Roll
  • Increased Traction
  • Better in Bumpy Conditions
  • More Likely to Bottom Out
  • Decreased Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Traction
  • Increased Responsiveness
Vendor : Mugen Seiki

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