HOBBYNOX Neon Red R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml - RACERC
HOBBYNOX Neon Red R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml - RACERC

HOBBYNOX Neon Red R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml

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Product Information

We're back on the Lexan® / Polycarbonate paint market - now with a series of 150 ml spray cans in the popular colors of today. Ready to use, quick drying, fuel resistant and light weight paint for racing.

Hobbynox™ R/C Racing Car paint have been specially developed for the painting Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used in it etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the bodyshell.
  • Fuel resistant to most R/C car fuels
  • Big spray can - 150 ml
  • Extreme adhesion and very flexible
  • Dries fast
  • Special spray noozle for an even and smooth paint finish

Hobbynox™ White Color Tips:
  • If possible when you want white to be a main color with added other stronger colors, please mask the bodyshell so that you will paint the white lastly. If not you can back the white with silver so the other colors dont bleed through as much.
  • White is also needed as a backing color to ALL Hobbynox™ Neon colors as they are somewhat transparent and they need to be backed with white to become neon bright.
  • Also the Yellow and Red Hobbynox™ colors become noticeably more bright if backed with white - we recommend it highly!
  • Normally three thin layers are needed of white. If you use it to cover another color usually two thin layers are needed.

Hobbynox™ - Making you look good!

Generic bodyshell painting tips from Pro-Line:

Cutting Your Bodyshell
Cut out the transparent bodyshell with a pair of scissors (this, this, this or this) or a sharp hobby knife with a new blade installed (this or this). Pay attention to keeping the corners smooth and with a radius. If you cut corners sharply the bodyshell will most likely start cracking at that place.

Body Mount Holes etc
Use a body reamer to make holes in the bodyshell - like this, this, this or this. The PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit #PF6032-00 can also be very helpful to location the body post holes if you forgot to do these holes prior to painting the bodyshell...

Sand the Edges Smooth
Smooth out any rough spots with this or this.

Don't remove the protective film
Leave the transparent protective film on the outside of the bodyshell on while painting.

Wash your Body
To remove any residue left on the body after molding, you must wash it inside and out. Use warm soapy (liquid dish washing detergent) water in your sink, paying special attention to the tight curved areas and corners. Rinse the body in warm water. Dry the body with a clean towel or hair dryer. It must be completely dry before you paint it.

Window Masks
If your bodyshell came equipped with pre-cut window masks: Using the molded in window lines as a guide apply the window masks to the inside the body. Be sure to press down all the edges to keep paint from sneaking under. The masks keep the windows clear while you paint.

Step 1: Tape Stripes
Make sure you use high quality masking tape, and press down all the edges. First mask off the color that you want to paint last. Masking tapes we recommend: 6 mm wide, 10 mm wide & 18 mm wide.

Step 2: Continue Taping
Fill in the area you want to paint with your second color. Painting from dark to light is ideal, so leave the darkest section clear, and paint this first.

Step 3: Mix the Paint
Shake the spray paint can you will use for at least a couple of minutes. There is a small steel ball inside that you will hear rattle inside. If you cant hear it - shake the can some more!

Step 4: First Coat
Apply a thin even first coat of paint from about 20-30 cm distance. Don't apply too much paint at this time as it will easily creep under the masking tape.

Step 5: Finish First Coat & remove mask
When your first color has completely dried, unmask the second section of the paint scheme. While removing the tape, watch that you don't remove any of the masking stripes accidentally.

Step 6: Paint 2nd color & remove mask
Again spray light coats and cover evenly. You can then back it with white or silver, but in this case we will use silver for the stripes, so no need to back it separately. When the paint has completely dried remove the taped stripes.

Step 7: Paint stripe
Now fill in the stripes with silver, and also back up the blue section in the middle, and on the bed.

Step 8: Window Trim
Painted window trim is very popular, and easy to create. When your final backup coat is dry, trace and trim around the inside of the window mask creating a border with a sharp hobby knife (this or this). Remove the borders from all the windows and spray with your favorite color.

Step 9: Trim & test fit
If you chose to not trim and mount the bodyshell prior to painting it then its time to do so! Trim out your body using curved scissors for the wheel wells and straight scissors for the lower lines. Drill out your body post markings with either a Dremel tool or reamer. The protective film will help keep your body from getting scratched as you cut and drill.

Step 10: Remove protective film & window masks
Peel back the protective film, and remove the window masks.

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