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Product Description
The REDS WR7 Diamond Edition 2.0 .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Buggy Engine is a 7 port engine with special porting for extreme power. Based on WR7 Diamond edition, the engine comes with the same sleeve and piston, DLC crankshaft, crankase, etc. to keep its power characteristics unchanged. But the carburetor and cooling system have been improved to provide more stability and improved consistency.
REDS improved the previous WR7 Diamond Edition with:
- Improved idle stability and tuning options thanks to a redesigned 3 needle carburetor.
- Improved mid to top range power curve and feeling thanks to a special low speed needle and mid range spray bar.
- improved cooling system specifically developed to widen the operating range so that the engine can work well in extremely hot conditions.
- Redesigned cooling system guarantee a more consistent tuning in every track condition.
Reds Recommends: 2143 X-One Smooth pipe, 7 or 8 mm venturi, Reds Racing Tetra Clutch System and TS3 or T5C glow plug.

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