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Product Description

Reds Racing is happy to announce that the new WR5 Italia Limited Edition engine is now available. The new WR5 Italia is based on WR5 Black Diamond engine. The sleeve with 5 inlet ports and exhaust port with boosters guarantees low fuel consumption and smooth power delivery. The new engine is suitable for all track grip conditions (low- medium -high) thanks to its exceptional power curve.

What's New:
- NEW VCX3 carburetor for improved idle stability and tuning options thanks to a new 3 needle setting carburetor; improved mid to top range power curve with smooth response thanks to a special low speed needle and mid range spray bar.
- Extra Tuning on crankshaft by Mario Rossi for improved power and better performance.
- NEW Black Gloss Cooling Head with Italian flag colors on top.

Applications: 1/8 Buggy and Truggy
Displacement [cm^3]: 3.5cc
Bore [mm]: 16.2
Stroke [mm]: 16.9
Intake Ports: 5
Exhuast Ports: 3
Crankshaft: Balanced BLACK DIAMOND DLC Coated
Front ball bearing: 7x19x6 rubber seal made in Japan
Rear ball bearing: 14x25.4x6 Swiss made ceramic
Carburetor diameter: 7.0 (6.0 and 6.5 optional)
Carburetor: VCX3
Weight: 345
Cylinder System: ABC
Exhaust Type: Rear
Recommended Glow Plug: TS3
Recommended Exhaust: REDS 2143 + M
Recommended Fuel: 25-30% nitro, 8-10% oil
Break-in fuel: 12% oil


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