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Reds Racing R5R High Torque - ZORRI Edition

Product Description

This is a special edition engine , maded for truck that need extra power and high torque , for making the jumps out of a turn easier.

This engine is equipped with: HCX horizontal carburetor, silicon filled and tuned crankshaft, sleeve with 5 inlet ports and classic exhaust port, high sealing front bearing, rear ceramic high quality bearing. All parts are matched, measured by Mario within certain tolerances, hand built by him personally.

It boasts state-of-the-art technology to further improve fuel mileage, performance and reliability.

The new cooling head anti-dirt sealing system keeps the engine clean in a critical area between the cooling head and crankcase. The redesigned crankcase provides easier maintenance and a cleaner engine for longer life.

High reliability

The new high sealing and high reliability made in Japan front ball bearing ensures high idle stability. The steel-ceramic hybrid Swiss Made rear bearing ensures longer life and low friction at high temperatures.



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