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REDS RACING R5R .21 "Racer" Off-road Engine - v3.0 w/HCX Carb

Product Description

Product Description

Powerful. Drivable. Lightweight. Guarantees high performance on all terrains. Thanks to the new long needle carburetor and the new ABC liner configuration, the engine is extremely drivable and suitable for every type of track. Based on the original R5, the new R5R v3.0 has been reworked with a new black case that is laser etched and the new HCX carb.

The new RACER timing guarantees a smoother power delivery in order to make the engine extremely drivable, suitable for every type of track and reduce fuel consumption.

LOW PROFILE COOLING HEADThe R5R is provided with a new cooling system which has a good impact on fuel consumption and reliability.

DESIGNThe RACER is characterized by a new design to attract every kind of customer.

Why should you buy a R5R RACER?We offer one of the most advanced and innovative products on the market at a mid range street price. All R5R are subjected to strict quality controls so as to guarantee performance repeatability and a greater reliability. REDS Racing products are made in Italy and tuned one by one.

It was developed and tested in cooperation with our best drivers for the purpose of satisfying our consumers’ requirements.

The engine is designed to be used with the REDS pipes 2113 or 2104, manifolds M, S or XS and REDS “one touch” effortless clutch system.



  • Ultra-light, only 348g;
  • 5 Ports hard chromed liner;
  • CNC machined billet piston;
  • New separated and cooled combustion chamber;
  • Lightweight cooling head;
  • 14mm crankshaft;
  • Knife edged aerodynamic connecting rod;
  • All Swiss Made ball bearings;
  • New long needle composite slide carburetor.





  • Displacement: 3,5 cc
  • Bore: 16,26 mm
  • Stroke: 16,80 mm
  • Weight: 348 g
  • Front Bearing Dim: 7x19x6
  • Rear Bearing Dim: 15x25.4x6
  • Recommended Pipe: EFRA 2104, 2113



€238.00 €299.00

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