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Radiolink RC6GS v2 - 2.4GHZ 6-channel with R7FG Receiver (Gyro and Telemetry incl.) RL-RC6GSV2

Product Description

Radiolink RC6GS v2 6-channel surface transmitter with receiver (with Gyro and Telemetry)


600 Meters Ground Distance

  • With the same FHSS spread spectrum of AT9S and 67 channels, pseudo-random frequency hopping makes RC6GS V2 have the superior anti-interference ability both at the same frequency band and different frequency bands.
  • The control distance is up to 600 meters.

Battery telemetry

  • Telemetry is capable of RSSI, receiver, and model battery voltage.
  • RSSI and receiver voltage data will display once binding complete.
  • The model voltage will display by connecting the wire to the ESC, battery, and Telemetry port of receiver R7FG/R8F, no extra module needed.
  • Telemetry of maximum 6S battery supported
  • Note: The model battery voltage telemetry function has to use receiver R7FG (included) or R8F.

Cruise Control System

  • Crawler is difficult in controlling the throttle on the downhill slope, the cruise control system of RC6GS V2 helps the driver easily set the optimal throttle volume for RC crawler car.


Dual Programmable Mix Control

  • 6 channels transmitter.
  • Arbitrary 2 channels can be easily set as mix control, easy to understand.
  • For crawler: CH1 is the rudder, CH2 is the throttle, CH3 can set up to control the transfer case, CH4 can set up to control the shift gear, CH5 can set up to control the front locker and CH6 can set up to control the rear.
  • Example Timber Truck: dual programmable mix control makes front wheel mix with rear-wheel come true, which can reduce the turning radius.

12ms Response

  • With the transmitter chip of STM32F103RB and the receiver chip as the industrial 32bits M0, all channels of RC6GS V2 can respond simultaneously within 12ms, ensuring the superior ability of anti-sparks interference even enjoy with an oil tanker.

Lanyard included!

  • A lanyard (comes with RC6GS V2) to make the suitable weight to highly compatible with drivers control habits make the long drive more pleasant.

Receiver with Gyro Integrated

  • Standard receiver R7FG packed is the receiver with built-in gyro and supports high voltage servo.
  • It is anti-slip and keeps the uni-direction. With the integrated gyro in R7FG installed, the vehicle turns more smoothly, and drifting from high speed can be prevented.

Customizable Gyro Sensitivity

  • The easy setting ensures better control of gyro stabilization.
  • Gyro sensitivity can be adjusted by STD or CH3 which is controlled by VR switch by default to maximize or minimize the gyro function.

Redesigned the Throttle Trigger

  • Rational throttle trigger length and tension, make easy and accurate for throttle adjustment.
  • Threaded design helps antiskid when the drivers at the long-time practice or in hot weather.

FPV display holder design helps the drivers enjoy the fun of driving.

  • An aperture of FPV display holder: M6 thread (1/4 thread) (English screw)
  • User-friendly design for each operation and handling.
  • Various styles switch for easy recognition and usage.

Onboard Memory for 10 Models

  • RC6GS V2 can keep a maximum of 10 pcs model parameters saved.

Subsidiary ID

  • RC6GS V2 is capable of an arbitrary ID designation among a maximum of 10 binding receivers, making long-distance rescue of RC cars or boats achievable.

Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit

New Bigger Battery Case

  • RC6GS V2 is easily adapted for various battery layouts with wide operating voltage tolerance: 6pcs of AA batteries or 2S-4S LiPo battery.
  • Universal JST connector with the voltage protection software of Radiolink ensures vital components are protected from a reverse polarity connection.

USB Upgrade

  • The RC6GS V2 is easily updating by the computer via a USB cable.
  • Intuitive software hint guides you through the process.

Compatible Receivers

  • RC6GS V2 is packing with a receiver R7FG.
  • R7FG is a 7 channels receiver with gyro built-in, high voltage servo support, and model voltage telemetry support.
  • RC6GS V2 is also compatible with the 4 channels mini receivers R4FGM/R4F designed for Mini RC cars, the 6 channels receivers R6FG/R6F, and the 8 channels long control distance receivers R8EF/R8F, which designed for RC boats.


  • Channels: 6
  • Model: Surface models
  • Memory: 10 Models
  • Gyro: Yes, in receiver
  • Modulation Mode: GFSK
  • Spread spectrum: FHSS
  • Antenna Length: 106mm
  • Control Distance: More than 400m
  • LCD Screen: 128*64 resolution,LCD back light
  • Power Supply : 4.8-15.0V DC,4*AA or 2S-4S Lithium battery
  • RF Power:<20dbm
  • Low Voltage Alert: Yes( lower than 4.6V), can be set when using 2s-4s Li-Po battery
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz ISM band (2400MHz-2483.5MHz)
  • Channel Resolution: 4096, the regular jitter is 0.5us
  • Work Current: 80-120mA
  • Compatible Receivers:R7FG,R6F,R8EF.R8FM,R6FG,R8F,R6F and R4FGM
  • Real-time Telemetry of Model Battery Voltage: only with receivers R7FG/R8F


  • RC6GS V2 Transmitter
  • R7FG Receiver
  • Instruction Manual
  • Adaptor cable for battery telemetry, XT-60-XT-60
  • Lanyard
Needed to Complete
  • 6x AA batteries for the transmitter.
Vendor : Radiolink

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